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Is Hair & Make-Up included?

Your Portrait Couture Experience session includes a full complimentary  professional Make-up artristry & hairstyling pampering designed to give you some unwind time and enhanced your natural beauty.

What should I wear in my Photo Shoot?

We will meet ahead of time for an in-person clothes consultation where I will come to you and we will walk through your clothes to make your photoshoot a unique one. I will give you direction on what and how many clothing items to bring. Trust me when I say  “I’ve got your back, I know what beautiful looks like!”

Can I bring a friend?

You are so welcome too! Celebrate all those special relationships in your life! Book an additional hair and make-up for your sister, mom, daughter, colleague or best friend, good thing is Boys come complimentary! Just need to let me know in advance so I can book my team accordingly.

What is included in your Portrait Couture Experience?

  • An in-person meeting for both of us to learn more about each other and for me to know you better and prepare you for your photo shoot.

  • In-home clothing consultation to get to pick your clothes in advance so you are all ready for the big day.
  • A complimentary professional hair and make-up pampering.

  • An unforgettable photo experience you’ll want to experience at least once in your life!

  • A Reveal session to re-discover your powerful essence in your beautiful images.

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Do you work with an all woman team?

YES, the only people that will be present during the preparation, make-over and photoshoot will be all women.

Should I go tanning before my Portrait session?

If you aren’t the kind of person to do tanning. I would highly recommend not to experience it just for this day.

If you love tanning, it’s good to avoid tan lines – these will show up in your photos! However, if you book your spray tan appointment be sure you don’t wash your hands for 8+ hours or you’ll have white hands and a tanned body.

Can I prepare my Portrait Couture Experience with your team?

Yes! You are more than welcome to contact my lead Makeup artist Andrea Murphy and lead Hairstylist Kim Mohally. That could offer either advise on skin routine to a all hair cut and colour. We have our very own in house Beauty Salon here at ZOOM Atelier Beauté.

I feel self-conscious about my body & I feel like I need to lose weight before the photoshoot, what should I do?

As a mum of 1 I’ve seen my body change through the seasons of my life, so I completely understand wanting to look your very best. If, however, you do not lose as much weight as you’ve had in mind, don’t stress or worry! Know I’ve got your back! My team and I will surround you with the upmost care and I will strategically pose and light you in ways that will be flattering to you. Anyone – young and wise, all shapes, sizes – can do this. This empowering Portrait Experience is designed to highlight & draw out your unique inner beauty!

Is it true that there’s a limited shoot available oper year?

Yes, we create our Portrait Couture Experience many other beautiful places in the world. Due to our travels schedule we can only accept a certain number of sessions per year. Please contact my team and I for availability.

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How much is this going to cost me?

Your session fee is €790 and includes 2 portraits printed and matted. My images start at €210,- on the Wall and go up from there. My beautiful Folio boxes Collection start at €1650,- and go up from there. The final selection are your choice. There is no hard sell what so ever! It’s my job to take the best portraits your yourself so you’ll LOVE & cherish them so you want them all! Everything you purchase in your beautiful Collection will includes your chosen prints as in Digital.

* Once you receive digital images that you purchase, please know there is a no exchange and no refund policy!

* We offer payment plans!

How to book your session?

Contact us. We’d love to talk about your ideas and our availability! To book your session a non-refundable retainer will reserve your date.

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