If I had to use only a few words to describe myself to you, here, today, I’d say that : I am a woman, a mother, passionate about unveiling women.

In my eyes, women are goddesses.

What we accomplish every day, every minute is out of this world. And yet, I see you my sisters, diminishing your achievements, focusing on what could be improved, feeling lost sometimes, instead of celebrating who you are and everything you achieved so far.

You have the soul of a goddess

and this is what I see through the lens of my camera. And she longs for you to let her shine, to show you how beautiful, wise, joyful and mysterious you are. I know sometimes life makes us forget it. That’s exactly why I want to make sure my portraits remind you who is laying under the surface, ready to stand out if you need her.

I’ve been a photographer for over 7 years now, and my favorite moment during each session is always the same…

My clients come in, a bit nervous. They get ready and pampered by my amazing team and then we start shooting. They try to relax while I guide them until… snap! I got it! The image of her I see in my mind. Their inner goddess emerging. Once I have it, I show them the picture on my camera. 

This moment, this exact moment where they discover themselves, when they meet this empowered version of themselves, I can’t get enough of it. After this, everything changes in the room, my clients start to believe in themselves and the rest is history.
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This is why I do what I do. 

Empowering women by showing their true self. 

Not transforming. I never transformed anyone. I don’t have to, I let your inner self shine.

Dreammaker artistic goddesses

Meet my team which without them this couldn’t be possible.

Lead make-up artist goddess

Andrea Murphy

Lead hairstylist goddess

Kim Moynihan

Are you ready to meet you the real you?

I invite you to reconnect with the beautiful woman inside you.

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