Without Today 2 years ago! I would have met …

Without Today 2 years ago!

I wouldn’t have met The beautiful soul @ceciliatrambeautyfreak.

2 years ago is when i took control of my path as a business owner and photographer I went to France for a workshop with @suebrycephotographer to this day! This workshop shifted everything in my life! I learn to better pose people, that you don’t need a lot of light to make it happen! You can photograph people everywhere you just need to believe in yourself and trust that you can! I learned my value my own value and the value of what I am offering to my client! This 2 days was very challenging mentally, physically and spiritually. I have never been so emotionally drained! But I enjoy every minute of it and would do it all over again tomorrow!

#suebryce #paris #barcelona #cork #portraitphotographer #existinportraits #ownyourpath #yourvoice


via Lucie Al Portraits – Cork Portrait photographer https://ift.tt/2GxF51n

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