My Versailles workshop with Sue Bryce

Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted t share with you something special.

It took me a long time to write this blog post as I needed few weeks to absorb and grow from that adventure. It took me all that time to put words on everything.

Today I wanted to present you my mentor Sue Bryce and Me.

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photo credit : Angeline Querel

Last April I went to Paris for 2 days workshop with my photographic mentor Sue Bryce, Sue is from Neo-Zealand and has been a photographer for over 26 years. She also have a superpowers, she can shift your mindset and she also when she looks at you can see who you truly are.

Those 2 days were very challenging on me. Has Sue has a gift to challenge your inner-self to find answer deeply inside of you about what you do and why you do it.

The first day happened in a private Castle that is over 350years old that is close to Paris. This day was all about photographing different set in different lighting scenarios to challenge us and makes us grow. At they end of the day Sue had a powerful talk. From that day I learn that I can photographed in so many situations which helped me so much in seeing other set possibilities to shoot from.

The second day happened in an other castle where we all spend the day with Sue.

That day was all about mindset and how to overcome disempowerment, learning to pin point your skills and improve the others.

This 2 days have been mentally exhausting and hard on me. I was in a place of uncertainty about my future as a photographer and made me questions many things in my life. As life is a journey that can make you touch the ground just few days to make you jump higher.

When you do any kind of workshops, it is very important to remember that your teacher of the day is there for the day and may be able to help you from time to time as they are very busy with others people and their own life but all the peoples that went to the workshop with you are your real treasure. They are the one that will be there day by day and that are growing like you some might be more advance than you are and other might be just after you. It is important to help each other to reach our goals.

I have been sharing this experience with 20 others photographers from all around the world. It was an amazing experience to be able to share this with others and be able to talk about this experience to each others.

Now nearly 3 months later I am so proud to call all those lovely photographers my friends and I even feel they are part of my long distance family. I talk more with them that I talk with some of my friends. They are here every steps of the way. We are all supporting each other for bad days and the very very good ones.

We have so much project set to come with each other that it makes me proud to be part of this family !

Since the workshop I found my voice again and stronger too. My love of the world also grew exponentially!

At the end of the workshop, some of us did a dance flashmod with the Fireball music ! It’s now our battle cry !

On the Video made by Bethany one of Sue’s mentor :

KatinkaHildeLauren, CatRebecca, Oli, Isa, Rodney and myself


Thanks you again for those 2 incredible days !!


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