Turning 28: Portrait of a Woman – Cork photographer

Turning 28: a portrait of a woman – Cork Photographer

Some people say that age milestones such as turning 30 or 40, even 50 are anchors. But I feel like 28 is a turning point in my life, even though it’s not a round number.
I’ve been hearing myself saying that I am 28 for a few months now and it occurred to me that I was not! I was a bit surprised because I didn’t know why 28 is resonating with me so much and why my brain wants me to think I am 28 already.
Maybe it is because I have worked on myself and maybe because in the past 2 years I have really made peace with myself, my body and soul; and now walk through life a blossoming woman.

I have been dreaming and making some of my dreams come true the past few months. I am so happy to see my photography company turn 1 in late August. This makes me squeak in delight a little! I’ve also battled against some minor health issues that had got in the way. But they too have helped me work a lot on myself and my strength.

In the last year I feel like I’ve learned more that I have ever learned before. Maybe because I am more receptive or maybe because I helped myself by walking to full happiness and really letting go of any body struggles. But I do think it’s a mix of this and a sprinkle of maturity.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been happy for a long time but some part of my brain was still not wired to feel happiness no matter what happened. But then I stumbled upon a TedTalk and everything changed for the better.

I know some people struggle just thinking of getting a little bit older. But I feel like this year is the year I will always remember. This year is the year I feel like my body and soul are perfectly in sync and they are ready to grow old and embrace every step that will be coming.

So for my birthday, I felt the need to book a photoshoot with the fabulous Photographer Angeline Querel to commemorate this very personal moment: I feel beautiful in my own body that I’ve accepted and I am ready to embrace my life as a grown up woman with all those moment of my life that will come.

Because I wanted to commemorate this past year and embrace my new age, those images are already priceless to me and my partner and they’re already engraved with this “28” milestone that I feel inside me. I know also that I will own them forever and I could pass them along to my children and they will be still there after I am long gone for my future family to remember me.

I had been planning for this photoshoot for months ! I purchased a lot of dresses and even bought grey tulle to make a unique dress for this photoshoot. Angeline and I shared a lot of inspiration images through Pinterest and had skype conversations.

Before coming to see Angeline, I was so excited to get photographed. Then on the morning of the photoshoot I nearly missed my train to get to her! When I arrived after 2 hours of train journey from Paris to Valence I discovered a little bit of the town she was living in.
After that we got ready for the photoshoot. I can vividly recall the feeling I had when I had to slip into my first outfit of the day- I had 2 minutes of real panic!! The stress of “what am I doing here, what if I don’t look good in my outfit…” but after that 2 minutes of panic, I just felt like I was on a cloud and the day went really, really fast ! After over 8 outfit changes, several hair backcombing sessions for volume and a summer snack, it was a wrap!

I really enjoyed this experience! I laughed a lot, I had an amazing make-up artist and a fab photographer. Plus I got to see through a clients eyes how it is to be photographed ! I really recommend it to every woman. This is perfect for a boost of confidence and getting dreamy about yourself.

I wish to share with you some of the images that Angeline did for me during this photoshoot. Enjoy them as much I enjoy looking at them myself. I look at them and I feel instantly calmer and more joyful.

This a very personal post that I wanted to share with you today. I think it also good to show the strength and vulnerability that we all go through from time to time.

Take care.

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