Today I wanted to share a special testimonial of my beautiful client.

Today I wanted to share a special testimonial from my beautiful client.


She, Today, challenge herself to fully embrace who she is and share bare photograph of her online!  How amazing is she?

Strong beautiful soul and also extremely gorgeous!!
She came to me asking me if I was doing boudoir she wanted to celebrate to be nearly 47yo and be comfortable on her own body! It was such an amazing shoot!

“THIS IS ME! I have been inspired this week by Erica’s @ohshestheweirdone posts on how, as women, we are taught to hide our sexuality & sensuality. I can relate to all that she has said. I learnt to sit and walk so that I would not take up too much space or command too much attention! In my 47 years on this planet I have been called a slut, a prick tease, a whore, a bitch and various other names. I have been groped, pinned against a wall and narrowly missed having a bottle smashed in my face because I refused the advances of various men. I have been bullied and castigated by other women because while it’s ok to be smart I have learnt that it is somehow not ok to be smart & beautiful. I have been advised not to use some of my professional business photos because they are ‘too hot’ and may ‘give the wrong impression’. I am wearing a dress in them! Do I have breasts…yes…I am a woman! Do I show them…no! Do I have legs…yes…do I show them…to just above the knee. What the photos do is highlight what I am…a confident woman that is FINALLY comfortable in her own skin! A woman that is, yes, highly connected to her physical body . It is what makes me good at my job. I can openly connect with my patients because of my connection to my physical self and therefore my sexuality. To deny this is like asking me to treat with no hands! I am ashamed that for almost 47 years I have tried to hide my physical self, that I listened when I was asked to hide. But I am done with that. No more excuses, no more hiding…THIS IS ME!”

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