Throwback Thursday – Dream photoshoot Barcelona

Throwback Thursday – Dream photoshoot Barcelona

I went trough some files on my folders Today and I felt upon this cluster of photos. I get blown away each time a selection of photos tells a story and capture memories. This cluster is from my trip to Barcelona for creating a dream photoshoot for my magnificent client Li-Ha ! We stayed together the all day started at 6am in the morning and we even saw each other again an other day to capture her and her family. It was also a trip of get together for the Fireball Photographers where we get to improve our portrait photography technique and share good meals. 

What life do you want to build for yourself ?

I want to photograph women all over the world and empower them to their own strength and reflection. I want to create stories for the next generations of women in their family line, I want to empower little girls by the reflection of the women in her life that everything is achievable but it start by one step learn self-love and learn to be kind with our own body and mind.

– With Love,


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