Print your photographs

Print your photographs

In my early life I got very lucky to have my mom that was passionate about photography, and yes she did gave me her passion down the line ! I have absolutely divine images of me when I was as high as 3 apples ! I am very thankful for all of the portraits !

They where printed and framed in big in my bedroom. This portraits are part of my story they are showing my little cheeky smile and those yummy toddler arms and legs that everyone adore ! And yes toddler life was a bad hair day everyday ! As I have been hospitalised just after my birth they cutted a part of my hair but not all ! haha 🙂

What I cherished is seeing me so little and what I am very looking forward is to show them to my kids trying to find similarities between us and also having them pointing at this portrait saying mama ! This is just too priceless and I can’t wait to experience this in my life!

Did you know that Photography has been around for over 200 years ?

We photograph families and people that were going to war to have portrait of them as keepsake and then it move more and more to our generations ! We are taking more images in a week that some people have of them in an entire lifetime ! But let me ask you a question how many of them did you print ? And more importantly how many did you loose by a phone or hard drive failure !

I have heard 100s of stories about people that lost entire part of their lives in photographs and even worst loosing the first few years of their babies they love so much ! I would never ever stress this enough print your photographs.

We have photographs that have over a 100years and looking at them make you travel back to time. They tell your family history.

This is why I am flying to Paris

This week I’m flying to Paris to photograph my grand-ma she is the only grandma that I have as my other grandma past away 7 years ago after battling a decades of strokes after strokes ! I don’t have great photograph of my grandma who past away as I wasn’t a photographer at the time and this is the only regret I have in my life !

So what are you doing for you legacy ?

Do you really need that new branded handbag or you would rather have amazing portraits of you and your family to pass on ? It’s your choices ! When you are ready to take the leap of faith that I can create the most amazing portrait of yourself you will never doubt yourself, your power and the love that you share with your loved ones ! You are a masterpiece of Nature and you deserve to have incredible photo of yourself. Remember that your kids loves you no matter what and those 10 pounds that you were meant to loose 10years ago doesn’t affect the love they have for you ! And good thing ! I can make you look 10 pounds lighter just by posing you !

With Love, Lucie

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