Old photographs.

What is the first thing you go for when you say goodbye to someone you loved dearly? Old photographs. I remember when I lost my grandpa last year to sit down on the floor and go through all my grandparents captured memories in albums sorted by dates and moments discovering faces of relatives I will never meet yet they seemed so real and present at that times! Photographs as old as more than a century yet so alive! When’s the last time you sat down to look at your past memories and your family heirloom? Do you exist in photographs for yourself and your loved ones? You are the master of your own narrative. #existinportraits #existinphotos #blackandwhite #bw #sepia #grandma #heirloom #luciealportrait #memories #cherish #cherishedmoments https://ift.tt/2OPiTDb

via Lucie Al Portraits – Cork Portrait photographer https://ift.tt/2qTSLNV

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