Mother, Business Owner, Big girl pants

Mother, Business Owner, Big girl pants

Happy Tuesday everyone !
Today meet Rebecca, I met her last year at a photographic workshop. Becca is beautiful soul and a very strong one. She is a Mother of 2 gorgeous babies and also a striving business owner and Portrait Photographer at Glamour Portrait Sweden !

Before our shoot together we had a talk and she told me she wanted to be fully herself and to embraced her curvylicious curves that make her who she is.
I wanted to share Today this photograph of her that show her determination and you can nearly feel her big plan she made for herself.

Becca doesn’t ceased to amaze me by her strength and also the way she express her thoughts and declaration.
She is unapologetically herself.

Keep her in mind because she has huge plans and I can’t wait to see them come to full Fruition.


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