With flowers in her hair

With flowers in her hair

My amazing client and friend Marie is one of a kind soul.

She is funny, funky and also very shy.

She also happens to run a blog all about her travels, her love for food and discovery.

Marie is a real dreamer, her love for art made her study Beaux Art in Paris and I have the feeling that it did expend her dreamy mind 🙂

I have known Marie for few years now and she amazes me, her patience and love for art are catching !

You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook, she sometimes share quick pics of her Vegan recipe !

She share on her blog some of the images we did for her on a blog post about 20 random facts about her (in French)

I am a Portrait photographer so I usually photograph the upper part of my clients but on special request I love integrated something dear to the heart of my client.

Marie last names happens to means Singing Bird in French and she got those lovely shoes few years ago that is little winky face to her family name 🙂

I really love those shoes, they does suits well with Marie personality.

What I could wish to everyone is to meet someone as nice as Marie and get invited or sneak in her Kitchen to discover new recipes like her Avocado Hummus that I love so much !

I photographed Marie and her friend (blog to come) few months back when Marie texted me saying that she was leaving Ireland to experience a new adventure. She is now living in Canada and there is a chance she might bring her suitcase somewhere else on the planet as she love to explore new country !

We had to celebrate who she is and craft her a special present of Ireland that she will remember for all time !

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Make -up by : Sarah Murphy From Benefit

Tutu and Black skirt : From the Lucie Al Photography Studio Wardrobe


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