I want to photograph every women every year of their lives

I want to photograph every women every year of their lives

To document their stories to create legacy to pass on to the next generation of women in their family.

Create the best portraits they ever seen of themselves and write a new lines to the family history book.

Every women are valuable. We all deserve to be seen, heard, capable to create our own narratives in life ! Breaking new grounds !

This is the reason why I practice what I preached.

Since I become a photographer nearly 3 years ago I have made a promise to myself to document my life and be photographed every year of my life.

I know those photographs are a token that reminds me everyday that I am valuable and I make slowly my way to build my empire.

Those portraits will also be their after me it’s my legacy.

I also want this for my kids to show them that their mom was a strong woman, a business owner, a lover, a romantic and a big dreamer that walked towards her truth and her destiny.

Since I started to be photographs 3 years ago, I didn’t got slimmer or younger

I even have my first facial lines and few grey hair mixing with my blond hair  but I accept my body the way it is, I cherish it for everything it did for me ! Show me I can push higher, that I can break new grounds.

Someday I might get slimmer but I will never forget that my strength and beauty were already their before it and maybe I will get curvier I will embrace those curves as they will also tell a story, maybe of a pregnancy, maybe of few good meals with wonderful relatives.

I invite and encourage every women to come experience a Portrait Couture Experience with me at my studio or on location. I will change the way you see yourself. And together we will create legacy portraits that will be cherish for a lifetime and beyond.

I hear so many clients tell me not me just the kids, or I hate having my pictures taken. What if I told you to do it for you first and to the next generation.

We are the first stepping stones to show our girls that they can achieve everything in life, that feeling proud and happy about our bodies and soul is the first footprint to self-confidence and to personal growth.

One day, I want my great-grand children to say:

“This is my great-grand-ma ! She was a beautiful and strong woman. walked towards her big dreams to change the way women see themselves”. She is a Romantic, sweet, funny, loving soul but she was also fierce.”

I want them to be proud of their legacy, their stories and to know when they are coming from and nothing is impossible in life if you wish it strongly and you take actions towards it.

Do you own a great portrait of yourself, your mam, your grand ma ?

Photographs from Cat from Studio-828 and Maundy Mitchell photography

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