I started questioning myself

i started questioning myself

In the last few weeks after a health diagnosis that just kicked me in the core.

I started questioning myself, my purpose and my life. Then i took sometimes to review my work and what i created for all the clients that trusted me !

Their is no other words that grateful, astonished and filled with love and joy when i get to see those beautiful portrait printed and matted on the wall or an easel or in a keepsake. All those images reprensent a part of my clients’ life they are telling a part of their story.

Wearing a princess dress

When i see my beautiful client Li-ha wearing this princess dress all made up and be photographed on the stairs of Cotton house hotel in Barcelona with client passing by us just blow me away!

can you make me look as relaxed as your other clients?

I have client that come to my studio and tells me can you make me look as relaxed as your other client and i told them absolutely !

Li-ha was a dream to photograph and her soul is so filled of love and kindness. Can you believe she is a mom of 3 boys and a fierce believer ! Her story is so powerful ! She believes in teaching kids in a all new way to make them grow and cultivate their creativity and curiousness ! I just realised by writing those words what is my purpose and why i love what i do !

The most important thing to me is learning my client story

I get to create art for people but the most important thing to me is learning my client story, be a part if their story just even for a brief instant and hope that i leave them with a great memory and make them happy ! I have no greatest joy than to make people happy and to give them something memories that will last a lifetime or more. Imagine Li-Ha grand kids when they will get to see their princess grandma and stay hours in front of this portrait with a sence of relaxing, sweet and warm feeling that they get a glimpse of her at that time in her life ! This is just priceless.

If you are still resisting been photographed. Do it for yourself first but also think what you want to give to the next generation of people in your life !

Hold your kids close to you but hold your story even tighter because your kids are also part of that story !

With Love, Lucie


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