I love empowering people and moreover, younger ones!

I love empowering people and moreover, younger ones!

Learning about self-worth needs to begin in teens years.

Self-esteem grows with you and helps you throughout your entire life! The sooner you learn to love yourself the faster you grow and get wiser.

Could you imagine if you started self-development and self-esteem building at your teenage? Comment to tell me what you would feel if you learn what you know if you were 15.

With Spring that started yesterday, I couldn’t resist sharing @alinawiilk that I photograph with her mom @sierenna. Last year when I was in Sweden! What a beautiful country!

Assistant: @glamourportraitsweden

HMUA: @ceciliatrambeautyfreak

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via Lucie Al Portraits – Cork Portrait photographer http://ift.tt/2FZQHKp

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