Cherished your loved one! Be in front of that “damn” lens. Be you.

I have been reflecting on many things and also going to see my grandma!

This photo isn’t taken by a big camera nor the lighting is accurate and I still cherish this little glimpse of my grandma laughing at me for being my silly and amazing self.

She got to see her grand-daughter again and for her first birthday even though she thought she wouldn’t make it as she was so tired after this year of health complication.

I love how I am the only one to be able to make her laugh like this ♥️ My grandma change a lot physically and today I am grateful she still have her mind.

I love her laugh, it’s the truly real moment of her letting go and surrender to happiness to its purest form not based on what society or environment tells you to do.

I did a little meditation with her made me realize I needed practice for myself too.

Cherished your loved one! Be in front of that “damn” lens. Be you. Exist in portraits. Exist for you and for your loved ones! I can never “enforce” that enough! A moment is a moment, bring laughter and you get beautiful memories and portraits 🥰

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via Lucie Al Portraits – Cork Portrait photographer
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