Got a little sidetrack with a little missy

via Lucie Al Portraits – Cork Portrait photographer

that got very sick and high fever. We have thought for once that it was a bad reaction to the 3 weeks ago vaccine. Went on to thé go on Friday she had a huge nappy rash with blood and blister and some mini rash on her hands 😱 sometimes I wish in this 21st century we had better ways than nappies (all other subject) over the weekend the easy on her hands spread and she had rashes everywhere for her the steroid cream advise and we did have a bumpy night to say the least! On Monday she was still boiling in fever went back to go and she actually has the hand foot mouth disease NEVER EVER heard of this illness before! And goodness! This was a very stressful time. She is recuperating still fever from time to time! Thank you for everyone who reached out! If I didn’t get back to you my apologies! I will do it before the end of the weekend! #withlove Lucie #luciealportait #sidetracked #mumpreneurs #bossbabe #momlifebelike #momlife — view on Instagram

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