Aisling – Polkadotdreaming Personal Branding

Aisling – Polkadotdreaming Personal Branding

I love when my client just share their testimonials on their Facebook page like Aisling :

“Lucie.. where the bloody hell do I start .. I needed professional pics for work and you knew how allergic, awkward I was feeling and just self conscious in general and you just asked for me to trust you … by god girl are you good at what you do . This is my favourite ( even though it’s hard to pic from the others 😂) . I’m so so thankful to have met you and been photographed by you .. you just honestly made it so much fun and care free .. I’m still shocked !! I love you got my tattoo in too ! 😍

I love how she just perfectly worded it ! Thank you for your trust !

Have a lovely day,



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