A Letter filled of love

I am incredibly honoured to get to photograph women of all age and get to share with them a bit if their stories. Restoring trust and love inside of them is my greatest pride ! I couldn’t be happier when Sue send me her testimonial i won’t lie i cried reading it ! I am blessed to see all those women get empowered by their own reflection and see that yes they are beautiful in every bits of their souls. Read what Sue says about her experience:

How can I best describe my experience with Lucie Al Portraits?

In three little words… Positive – Exhilarating – Fun

With fierce encouragement from my family I booked Lucie Al Portraits for my Portrait Couture experience with immense trepidation. I worried that I was too old for this kind of thing, that it seemed incredibly vain of me. I hated having my photo taken… what had I just done? Lucie was amazing leading up to the event; her absolute conviction that every woman is beautiful and deserves to see herself as others do began to resonate and I became less anxious. As the day grew closer, with just a little hint of nervous butterflies, I started to look forward to the photo shoot. Having said that, on arrival at Lucie’s new Ballincollig studio all of my earlier insecurities bubbled to the surface… I was terrified! Lucie put me at ease with her welcome hug – armed with my suitcase and still damp hair I entered the bright and airy studio. I have to say Lucie has a lovely team working with her; they tamed my hair and applied my make-up promising to keep everything very natural – to be honest I was afraid of the finished look being over the top when I stood before Lucie’s enormous un-forgiving mirror. Of course my worries were a total waste of energy; the girls had done an amazing job. Posing for Lucie was great fun, I haven’t laughed so much in I don’t know how long. That being said, it was hard work too. You can never appreciate what goes into a photo shoot until you try it. Lucie’s talent and professionalism as a photographer shines throughout as she says ‘Chin forward; turn to the left, no a little to the right.’ As ridiculous as I felt, I just did what I was told and quickly found myself gaining confidence and happy to pose. I was also itching to see the images Lucie kept oozing exciting and encouraging words about. While the day was a fantastic experience, those little insecurities returned as I waited for my photo reveal. Before I looked through the photos that Tuesday evening I asked Lucie, ‘What if I don’t like them?’ She replied quite simply, ‘If you don’t like, don’t buy.’ The photographs presented in a beautiful keepsake box are stunning, artistic and beautiful… and yes, they are me! Lucie is an incredible photographer and a beautiful person. She is passionate about giving you an amazing experience, convincing you that you are truly beautiful. I never thought she could convince me, but she did. I love my photos, especially those taken with my husband, Tom; they capture who we are, two halves of a whole. Thank you Lucie, for a fun day out, a collection of amazing photographs, and memories to treasure forever. Sue x Lucie Al Portraits, Lucie Al Photography, Sue bryce inspired, Cork photographer, Ballincollig Photographer, Portait photographer, Woman portrait specialist
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