a celebration of women in their
40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

Be seen beyond society standard.

Let’s change the narrative media set for women over 40 and show what are unwavering women.


It taught you how appearances are everything. How to shape a socially acceptable success by the age of 40 : brilliant career, happy family life, autonomous kids.


You’re there, you’ve done it. You’re over 40. Except maybe one thing you want to fully embodied your unwavering self


Where are You? When was the last time you got to let your inner sparkle shines? 

Of course sometimes you have a glance at her after a well deserved me-time at your favourite spa.

But wouldn’t it be amazing to see her everyday in your bedroom when you wake up? To be reminded daily how beautiful, strong and wise you are? 


Isn’t it time to capture your soul in beautiful portraits and celebrate the amazing woman you are? 


Join me and take part in a revolution happening right now all over the world

A photoshoot experience,

culminating with a grand exhibition

Of 40 women over 40 and their stories. Celebrating your Wisdom, Strength, Beauty and Elegance. 

Tell me what's included

Let us take you behind the scene

What does your 40 over 40 Experience includes?

Pre-Portrait & Wardrobe

2 to 3 weeks before your shoot, we’ll meet and discuss it.You’ll be able to ask me all your questions and share with me your desires for this experience. We’ll have a look at your wardrobe and discuss all your options together.


The experience includes professional hair & makeup styling. Our 2 artistic goddesses are there to pamper you. Surrender decision making and chill in their expert hands, this is YOUR me time. 

Fully Guided Photoshoot

This will be your time to shine. Let me guide you through this. All you have to do is relax and pose. Literally. Together we’ll create the most beautiful portrait you have ever seen of yourself and your loved ones. 

Your Private Reveal

We’ll book your reveal at the end at the photoshoot. It’ll take place in the following 48hours. We’ll go through your best pictures together. What you’ll decide to buy is completely up to you and payment plans are available. 

Portrait Couture Experience regular price : 790€

40 over 40 Experience

Special price : 595€

Tuesday’s session

Includes the above & One 7×10 portrait printed and matted.

Sunday session premium €1100 with €400 credit towards portraits.

If you are as excited as I am with this project

Of 40 women over 40 and their stories. Celebrating Wisdom, Strength, Beauty and Elegance. 

Book your free phone consultation, now!

If you’re still hesitant, I hear you.

Being portrayed is not easy, I’ve been there and it’s maybe the first time you consider it. It can be a huge leap of faith to entrust your image in the hands of a perfect stranger. So please, let me handle the pen to women I got the privilege to photograph previously : 

I arrived at the shooting feeling excited but nervous. Lucie put me at ease and constantly moving. The time just flew withlots of giggles along the way. I left the studio feeling happy, giddy, elated. – Carmel

I arrived at the shooting feeling excitedand slightly apprehensive. I left feelinghappy, excited and energised. I wasthrilled about the result during the reveal.I booked with Lucie because of herpassion and enthusiasm.

– Fiona

I booked with Lucie because I wanted tohave beautiful images that made me feelsexy and confident. Seeing Lucie’s pastwork made me feel confident in achievingthat goal. I was amazed seeing mypictures for the the first time. – Sarah

Sessions are limited

Sessions are limited

Book your phone consultation, now!